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This CMS gets better and better

I've been using this CMS for a couple of months now and it just keeps getting better. Not a single day passes by that I'm not shocked to learn about a feature I haven't heard yet.

Today I've learned about pagination and the filter tag. I just copied and pasted some code I found in the documentation's search page yesterday, but I could only understand the mechanism behind it on the way to work and back to home today. The loading and filtering of articles, and how they fit into CI's pagination classes are just mind blowing.

While I know that this is a CMS and it wouldn't always perfectly fit into any type of web application; I imagine it's as close as it can possibly get. I haven't really looked much into other CMS'es (MVC or non-MVC), but seriously, there's no way they can be more flexible than this is (in core).

Just wanted to give my regards, hats off to anyone behind it!


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Re: This CMS gets better and better

You're right, since I left modX I've never looked back!

Can't wait for the release of 0.9.8...


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