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About Ionize an CodeIgniter

To answer to @Jurlan, who posted :

[...] what to think of this article?
http://heybigname.com/2012/05/06/why-co … r-is-dead/

Your advice / opinions please?

1. It is easy to write such kind of articles. The given examples are true, but they are old also, even dead... when you know the limit of the framework, you do with these limits, or you enhance. We enhanced, like a lot of people do.
I'm alway positively excited when someone write such kind of article : "Great, he criticizes a lot, he will certainly build something better" is my first hope. It never happens...
After a quick look on the "Big Name" company "about" page : "They specialize in PHP, CodeIgniter, and jQuery." smile OK, this article was perhaps written to increase the number of visitors of their website...

2. The most important is not the framework, it is what you do with and how it can make your solution more easy and powerful.  We could spend a lot of time to rewrite Ionize in Cake or in Laravel, for what ? Will it make Ionize more easy for our clients ? What we're building is Ionize, not CI.

3. What Elislab is building is Expression Engine, not CI. CI was a good thing for the community but first for the ElisLab business growing. Never forget that. They made the choice to less developp CI, surely for business reason also. Anyway, they gave to the PHP community a very great framework.
You can complain about the current state of CI, if so, switch to another framework. If you do not complain, think about what could be CI in the future, like does the Reactor team.

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Re: About Ionize an CodeIgniter

Thank you very much for this elaboration and clarification!


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