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Can we use ionize tags in tinymce?

Can we use ionize tags in tinymce ( <ion:tag /> ) when we post a article insite article?

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Re: Can we use ionize tags in tinymce?

Hem, be careful in editing template in tinyMce... it erase all ion tag.

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Re: Can we use ionize tags in tinymce?

Sadly we have the solution to do that, and even better it was that it made it possible to add directly PHP in tinyMce... BUT: it affect too much the performances of the CMS, I must even say it kills it, something like 5-6 seconds to load a page because of enabling this feature (problem that it must parse the database tags in the content to php and it's overkilling).

So for the moment, that is not reliable to enable it, but we are trying to think of solutions, of course as usual once we have a working solution we'll certainly make all of you benefit of such a feature !

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