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English translations

Since the 'Join the Team' topic is closed I am making this new post.
Since I will be using Ionize for a couple of multi-lingual website projects (English/Slovak and later possibly English/Polish) I would like to pass on my translations to the team because I will be doing them any way for my own projects.

Initially I would like to correct your existing documentation and hard coded literals (some are missing) for the English language and see where we go from there.

As for my background;
I have never used the CodeIgniter Framework before, which is actually why I chose to look at Ionize. My hope is that while I am tinkering with Ionize, I will get to learn the MCV approach of CodeIgniter at the same time and see just how extensible CodeIgniter is. If I develop something for my own needs for Ionize, that you may want to include in your distro, thats a bonus.
I have been involved with a team of developers developing a multi-lingual PHP/mySQL driven CMS for the last four or five years, though my main focus has been on SEO, web standards compliance (xHTML 1.0 Transitional / CSS3) and accessibility (Section 508 / WGAC).


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Re: English translations

Thanks for voluntar help, greatly appreciated !
I'll let Michel-Ange answer you about we take you in the team, he is currently in holidays and will answer you as soon as he is back.

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Re: English translations

Hello Guardian,

I just sent you the documentation in editable version. We will discuss when I come back from hollidays.

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