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Toolbox Module (Minify, Recaptcha, QRCode)

This module allow you to use :

  • Minify (Minify js and css files) by using local and online compiler

  • Recaptcha

  • QRCode (Need to work on this feature)

For use local javascript compiler
You need to Download Google Closure Copiler and copy compiler.jar file under /Modules/Toolbox/libraries/closure/compiler.jar. If you don't want to add local compiler you can use online compiler by default.

Module still under development, need tester for bugs and issue catch..

You can help module development

Here is github repo for this module (You can download and fork this project) : https://github.com/trk/Toolbox

Recaptcha usage same with recaptcha module : http://ionizecms.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1448

Usage :

<!-- Minify Usage type = js or css url = if you want just url without script tag output = output file name witout extention-->
<ion:toolbox:minify type="css|js" files="files, you, want, to, minify, with, file, extention" output="your_output_file_name" url="true" />
<!-- Recaptcha Usage -->
<ion:toolbox:recaptcha />
<!-- Qrcode Usage -->
<ion:toolbox:qrcode />

<ion:ukyo from="Turkey" />
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Re: Toolbox Module (Minify, Recaptcha, QRCode)

Hi ukyo,
is your module (reCaptcha) still working even with new version of reCaptcha?

I tried to follow the istructions.
I've installed and setup the module, but it seems not to able to read public and private key.

I got always: To use reCAPTCHA you must get an API key from https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin/create

Thanks in advance.

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