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A very custom Ionizecms website

1 server, 2 environments

575+ articles, 145+ pages (including 'data-holder' pages)

12 languages, 16+ domains

1 Highly customized 0.9.7 install

If anyone has read most of my other posts, they know i did ALOT of work customizing the backend and ionizecms core to achieve exactly what my client wanted.

Running on a heavily modified 0.9.7 codebase, which is doubtful to be migrated anytime soon wink

The Website


@ionize core team - if sharing, please use site description, adding in front:
"OneCNC is an established CAD/CAM software product, with a wide range of capabilities"

About the website

In the end, almost completely from scratch design - though plenty of inspiration and snippets, the client declined all other frameworks and templates offered, so I had to design entirely myself too.

Im not really a designer, more of a developer, but I think it turned out alright.

Lots of content to present in cleanest way possible, so made generous use of lightboxes (nested in slideshows as well as direct links), for example http://onecnc.net/en/products/products-overview/mill

I use subfolders with set naming convention to hold lightbox content, so only 1 view for all 6 product pages and minimal hardcoding, and only 1 view for any slideshows or banners.

<ion:partial> can be a bit slow, but when finished developing I made php comments to help easily find later and removed most uses of <ion:partial> with finished code, or direct php include(..) where applicable.

Html rendering of most pages helps, using a conditional check inside Router.php to return optimised html response if matching file found (http://www.ionizecms.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1801)

Datasync between 2 DB was key when using multiple servers, less so now 1 server but still usefull to help show 'staged' content without worrying less technical minded editors about 'offline/online' switches (use $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] to set ENVIRONMENT accordingly, and htaccess to rewrite to proper robots.txt, and a few other tricks to help secure this, like affecting Tagmanager to redirect to admin/login)

Pages like the Video Tour page took far more effort than expected, as working with google youtube api was hard enough even when they didnt suddenly change things and broke my page twice sad

I also heavily modified admin panel (0.9.7) to include lists for all content, better content searches, limits on editable lang (which also sped load time up for most admin users) and a few other changes like a summary page listing details about all urls, creating quick 'jump' feature and a few other things to help less technical minded Editors out.

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Re: A very custom Ionizecms website

Bravo !

Great work !

Inspiration & Innovation : Websites by Partikule, Agence Web Paris


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