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Re: Why Ionize, Why Not ? It's great ? It sucks ? Tell us !


my name is Torsten, I live in Germany, and I am an independent web designer

I found ionize while searching for a multilingual blog system. Well, ionize isn’t a blog system like WordPress, but I love the built in multilingual feature. I could use this for customers. There aren’t many content management systems to build polyglot web sites with, at least not in an easy way.

A few years ago, I used Drupal, and later switched to concrete5, because that was easier to handle with and much more intuitive for my customers. Joomla and Typo3 could have been alternatives, but I don’t like them. And concrete5 is still all right, but they have programmed a new major version from the ground up, and I have so many difficulties with it.

Ionize could be what I’ve been looking for, but there is one issue. I installed it on my test platform in a subdirectory, like http://www.domain.com/ionize, with sample data, and only the home page works. I will ask for a solution in another thread.



What's Ionize ?

Ionize is an Open Source Content Management System created by webdesigners for webdesigners.

Created and maintained by Partikule and Toopixel, Ionize wants to be the easiest and most powerful CMS.

Can I help ?

Because talent is nothing without involvement, we are looking for motivated coders and webdesigners to join the project team.


Website : ionizecms.com
Documentation : doc.ionizecms.com

Development : Ionize on GitHub
Translations : Ionize Translations