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ionize - session unset removed - Tag missing: unset


Happy New Year All smile

In latest version of ionize the session:unset method has been removed from \application\libraries\Tagmanager.php:

	// ------------------------------------------------------------------------

	 * Unsets one session variable
	 * Expands or not the tag if the "if" or "expression" attributes are set
	 * @usage	<ion:session:unset key="session_var_name" />
	public static function tag_session_unset(FTL_Binding $tag)
		$key = $tag->getAttribute('key');

		if ( ! is_null($key))
			return self::output_value($tag, self::$ci->session->unset_userdata($key));
		return '';

	// ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Is there a new method to unset sessions? Or was this removed by mistake?



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